McNicholas announces upcoming musical

The McNicholas Theatre Department will present High School Musical as this year’s winter musical.

Based off the 2006 Disney movie, High School Musical follows a group of high school students who sing and dance their way through the daily challenges of teenage life. It is a light-hearted production aimed to entertain audiences of all ages.

“If you look at our season, against Anne Frank it’s kind of nice to be doing something that’s just about fun,” Theatre Director Teresa DeZarn said. “[The musical is] just about singing and dancing, teenagers figuring it out.”

Originally, the Theatre Department was going to present Cinderella. However, conflicts regarding attaining the rights to the show caused DeZarn to rethink the production. “We were scheduled to do Cinderella, and we were having so much trouble with getting the rights and dealing with Rodgers & Hammerstein who own the rights for that musical… My musical director and I looked at each other and thought, why are we allowing this to keep us up at night? Let’s just change the musical,” DeZarn said. The response to the announcement of the musical has been overwhelmingly supported according to DeZarn.

“[High School Musical] was a huge part of my childhood, so to recreate this movie on the stage is amazing and nostalgic,” senior Caitlin Doyle said. “I think people will enjoy it because the cast will be into it and really have fun onstage. When people really enjoy the show that they are performing, the audience can really feel and see it.”

“The difficulty as a director comes in still trying to tell a good story that the audience is going to engage in,” DeZarn said. “You just have to make sure there is a message there. There always had to be a message.”

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