Foods to spice up Thanksgiving dinner

With Thanksgiving only days away, many people are expecting to have the same turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Instead of having the traditional Thanksgiving dinner foods, spice up this once a year meal with a new recipe.

Non-Drip gravy-

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Gravy is on almost every single table on Thanksgiving, but with kids and messy eaters it can easily get all over every piece of food on your plate. With a non-traditional twist on gravy, it can be mess free and delicious. Non-drip gravy has more of a jelly texture so it doesn’t drip all over the plate and seep into every other food. It still has the same taste but with none of the mess.

Pumpkin Skillet Rolls-

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A year round food that pairs well with pasta or pork, dinner rolls need to be special at thanksgiving. Adding some pumpkin to Thanksgiving rolls can add the perfect twist . Pumpkin is used in all sorts of ways throughout the fall season and adding pumpkin to a simple food like rolls can make them an instant Thanksgiving classic.

Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake-

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Thanksgiving pies like pumpkin and pecan are the go-to Thanksgiving desserts (and if they’re both your favorite then eat them both). Instead of trying to pick a favorite, just combine the two and make one. A pumpkin pecan cheesecake is a fresh idea to add to every dessert table, and it makes a perfect dessert for those who don’t like pie.

Pomegranate Soda-

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There are so many drinks to choose from on Thanksgiving, and many of the drinks you end up choosing you have throughout the year. Add pomegranate soda to the menu of drinks to give that little bit of a Thanksgiving feel to classic dishes like stuffing, salads, and sauces.

Roasted Garlic and Squash Soup-

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Roasted garlic soup isn’t something that is often a traditional food on the Thanksgiving table, but adding this dish is sure to become an instant classic.

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