Rockets commit to continuing sports in college

On November 13, four senior athletes signed their national letters of intent to further their athletic careers at the collegiate level. Emma Melcher will be playing softball for Ohio University, Caroline Pour will be playing volleyball for Wingate University, Allison Vaughn will be playing soccer for Eastern Kentucky University, and Abby Wesselkamper will be playing soccer at Morehead State University.

Emma Melcher

Emma Melcher will be continuing her softball career at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Melcher started playing t-ball at the age of five and later began select softball at the age of eight.

Melcher has played on varsity for three years at McNick and is looking forward to her fourth season this year in the spring.  She said she has a great appreciation for the time she has already spent playing softball.

“It has shaped me into the person I am today… I believe it has allowed me to experience a life that most people will not get to experience and I wouldn’t change any of it,” Melcher said.

She is looking forward to meeting her new softball family and is excited to be a part of the student-athlete experience in college.

Caroline Pour

Caroline Pour will be playing volleyball for Wingate University located in Wingate, North Carolina. Pour first began playing volleyball in third grade.

She has played on varsity all four years at McNick and is so grateful for the bonds she has made with the team. “I’m really excited to get a whole new team and really get a chance to bond and play our hearts out together,” Pour said.

Allison Vaughn

Allison Vaughn will continue her soccer career at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. She has been playing soccer since she was two years old.

Vaughn was a varsity player for McNick for two years before switching to play club soccer. She feels that the girls on her McNick soccer team helped her develop as an athlete.

“They’ve always been so supportive with everything…they just always have my back,” Vaughn said.

She said she is looking forward to playing in college, and her goal is “to play a lot as a freshman.”

Abby Wesselkamper

Abby Wesselkamper will go on to play soccer at Morehead State University, located in Morehead, Kentucky. She began playing when she was two years old, and played on the varsity team at McNicholas all four years.

Wesselkamper is looking forward to “meeting a lot of new people and the competition” as a part of her college experience. She believes that playing at McNick has impacted her as an athlete. “It has made me a more confident player, and helped me become a better person as well,” Wesselkamper said.

Seniors Emma Melcher, softball; Abby Wesselkamper, soccer; Allison Vaughn, soccer; and, Caroline Pour, volleyball participated in the first official athletic signing day of the 2019-2020 school year. These seniors signed their national letters of intent to pursue their respective sport in college.

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