NHS inducts 34 new members

For the past 4 years, McNicholas has hosted an annual National Honor Society induction assembly to celebrate its students. Prior to the assembly, the NHS induction was held on an evening that included only the inductees and their families.

To be considered for National Honor Society, students must have a GPA of 90% or higher in CP1 or higher level classes. Those students are then given an application which is used to show evidence of the four pillars – scholarship, leadership, service, and character – which National Honor Society exemplifies. Finally, the students must complete a written response indicating why they should be inducted.

After the application is completed, an anonymous group of faculty members review the applications. “Based on the rubric and the discussion, they are admitted or encouraged to grow skills,” co-adviser to NHS Renee Herndon said. Faculty NHS advisers, Herndon and Chelsea Almer, are not allowed to be part of the faculty discussion.

Once students are accepted into National Honor Society, they must maintain their 90% GPA as well as completing an additional ten service hours by graduation. “They can’t double dip,” Herndon said. Students can’t use service hours that they use for graduation as those additional ten hours.

Students must also tutor their peers. “That’s why students must have at least a 90% GPA in CP1 or higher classes, so they have a solid foundation of school curricular,” Herndon said. Tutoring students at other schools count towards the service hours, not the mandatory tutoring.

New inductee, junior Anna Rahner said, “I’ve been involved in Student Council which has been a great opportunity to lead.” Rahner spends most of her time dancing ballet, but she is also heavily involved in school opportunities: taking part in musicals and playing the cello at mass, among others.

National Honor Society members live by the Latin motto “Altiora,” or “to strive for greater things.” NHS is an honor awarded to students like Rahner who goes above and beyond what is required in the classroom.

On November 21, McNicholas inducted 34 new National Honor Society members. “The students exemplify the best of McNick,” co-adviser Renee Herndon said.

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