Fur-ever friends: Students, faculty show off their companions

On the list of lovable things in life, pets are surely near the top. McNicholas students and faculty share their dogs, felines, and everything in between, with whom they are able to spend more time with now that we’re social distancing due to COVID-19.

Type of pet: Dog

Name: Brady

Nicknames: Brad, Roo, Ray, Bean, Bear, and Bearcub

Breed: Labrador-German Shepherd mix

Owner: Junior Molly Ennis

Favorite Human Food: Bananas

Fun Fact: He is named after Tom Brady

Type of pet: Cat

Name: Teddy

Nicknames: Tedrick, Theodore, Ted, and Bub

Owner: Junior Anna Eiser

Favorite Human Food: Cheese

Fun Fact: He is the king of the household and whines until he gets what he wants.  

Type of pet: Dogs

Names: Teddy (white) and Reno (brown)

Nicknames: Teddy: Teddy bear

Owner: Spanish teacher Tracey Canisalez

Favorite Human Food: French fries and tortilla chips

Fun Fact: “Teddy moves his head from side to side when you talk to him as if he understands what you are saying, [and] we have a doggy gate in the house and Reno has learned how to open it with his nose.”

Type of pet: Dog

Name: Charlie

Nickname: Charles

Breed: Golden Retriever-Border Collie mix

Owner: Junior Aarron Martin

Favorite Human Food: Cheese

Fun Fact: He helps clean the dishes when the dishwasher gets loaded.

Type of pet: Dog

Name: Maggie (Margaret if she is in trouble)

Owner: Manager of Alumni Relations, Shawn Young

Favorite Human Food: “Anything I am eating”

Fun Fact: “We got Maggie at Christmas. It was my wife’s present, but she said that she had a dog in mind at the shelter, but I had to find it. I looked at 100 dogs, but I knew without question, this was the dog she picked out. I was right.”

Type of pet: Dog

Name: Milo

Nickname: Mi-Mi

Breed: Schnauzer-Husky mix

Owner: Senior Maggie Scott

Favorite Human Food: Rice

Fun Fact: “He is awful at walks. He just walks a few steps and then sits.”

Type of pet: Dog

Name: Ollie

Nickname: Ollie-bear

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Owner: Senior Isabelle Bowling

Favorite Human Food: Carrots

Fun Fact: He will jump off the diving board and catch a tennis ball before landing in the lake- he loves to swim. 

Type of pet: Fish

Names: Bubbles, Skooter, and Rocky

Owner: Sophomore Grant Must

Fun Fact: They glow in the dark

Type of pet: Dogs

Names: Carley (white) and Chopper (brown)

Nicknames: Peanut and Baby Chop

Breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer and GSP/Labrador mix

Owner: Guidance Counselor Erica Stablum

Favorite Human Food: Bacon

Fun Fact: “We adopted both dogs from a GSP rescue and we loved the rescue so much that we volunteered by helping out at events and fostering dogs.”

Type of pet: Fish

Name: Gooby the Great

Nicknames: Gooby, Goobs, and Goober

Owner: Senior Anna Klug

Fun Fact: “Gooby used to live in a beaker in the biology classroom, he has since retired from lab work and is doing just swimmingly.”

Type of pet: Dog

Name: Gatsby

Nicknames: Pupperoni, G, The boy, Bub, Gatsalyn Jay, Bean, Bubaloo, Sunshine, Gentle G, and Gatsy

Breed: German Shepherd

Owner: Junior Olivia Rohling (me!)

Favorite Human Food: Peanut Butter

Fun Fact: He hates vegetables and always spits them out when we give them to him

Type of pet: Leopard gecko

Name: Frida

Owner: Junior Lauren Cox

Fun Fact: She doesn’t like people with cold hands

Type of pet: Horses

Names: Hannah and Valentio 

Nicknames: Hannibal the Cannibal and Val

Breeds: Hannah is a Blood Bay and Val is a Paso Fino

Owner: Photography Teacher Bea Gardner

Favorite Human Food: “My daughter found out by accident once that [Hannah] loves lemon meringue pie and [also] by accident, Val LOVES peaches, and occasional snacks of carrots.”

Fun Facts: “Hannah likes to take everyone else’s halters and blankets off… and then laugh about it when I [have] to go looking for them.” Val is a rescue horse!

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