Coronavirus impacts U.S. international students

International students in the U.S. will return early to their home countries, ending their school year because of Coronavirus.

Currently, Coronavirus is spreading all around the country, and all of the United States’ schools, including colleges, are closed until Coronavirus completely disappears.  Therefore, students are doing homeschooling or video conferencing to catch up with classes and complete the school lesson plans.

However, in this situation, most of the various international students had to decide to go back to their home countries earlier than they’d planned. Apparently, all of the international students from Germany returned to their country two weeks ago. In addition, in the case of Italy, which at press time was the second most Coronavirus-stricken country after China, all Italian international students are trying to decide when to return. They are deciding to return or stay, and they are also worried about not being able to return to their families until June. It is now known that Coronavirus was spread to many people through contact with other people, and the originally planned flights were canceled as the number of confirmed cases and deaths increased daily.

One exchange student said that he flew to China a week ago, but was held in Hong Kong and made to stay in a hotel for the course of one week. They say the situation can last for a month or two, and he is currently locked in a hotel room and living alone with no food or acquaintances. When he left New York, the state only had one confirmed case, so he was able to transfer from New York to China by plane at that time, but he was not able to travel safely from New York to Hong Kong.

If they are not able to travel, international students will have to change their visas to stay in the U.S. one more year and not go back to their homes this summer. All of the flights from the U.S. to other countries are canceled, so students cannot leave the country even if they want, and the exchange student organizations and agencies are working together and conferencing to keep students safe and informed.  In this situation, students are overly confused doing online instruction and also trying to follow what the exchange student organizations are saying. Exchange students have many thoughts: “We never expected that we were going to be stuck in the house and not able to go to school during our exchange student year,” “I wish it didn’t impact my exchange year grade,” and, ”Apparently, because of the Covid-19 I should have to go back even when they have a more serious situation.”

Students who are staying in the U.S. for a year already took the 3rd quarter, but current students who go back to their country early cannot finish the 4th quarter. Their three quarters of grades cannot count, so they would have to take the past school year again.

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