Women’s History Month: Lady Rockets shout out those who inspire them

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, I asked a few lady rockets to shout out the strong women (teacher, coach, mom, grandma, sister, etc.) they look up to and the impact they have made on their life.

Senior Maggie Scott gives a shout out to track coach Cat Lest (’09) “I admire her drive and how hard she worked when she ran track. I admire all her records and how she was able to succeed [as] much [as she did] in her track career.” Science teacher and Head Track Coach Cat Lest is the McNicholas school record holder in the 100-meter dash (11.99), 200-meter dash (25.06), and a part of the record holding 4×100 relay team from 2008 (49.60). Scott added that “she’s extremely caring” and has helped the 2019 4×4 team reach their full potential. “I’m sure it’s so hard for her not to be having track season going on right now. She has Rhett and another child on the way, [along with] school. She’s such an awesome human and cares so much for our [track] team, and [still] sends us workouts every week. I just want her to know she’s seen and loved.” Describing Lest in one word, she said “dedicated.”

McNicholas’ 4×200 relay team of Jillian Vogler, Rachel Jeffries, Maggie Scott, and Caroline Zahumensky is coached by Cat Lest. They qualified for the Indoor Track and Field State Championships at the SPIRE Institute on Mar. 7 and ran a time of 1:53.6

Junior Madison Isaacs gives kudos to architecture and ceramics teacher Melissa Gaskins

“Ms. Gaskins is a leader and my biggest role model. She is responsible, goal driven, honest, a great listener, and cares about each one of her students. When I was in Italy and Greece, Ms. G was my group leader and that trip changed my perspective on everything. Specifically, she taught me how to be self-sufficient.” Isaacs added, “Ms. Gaskins has changed my life in so many different ways. She has helped me with so many of my issues and has been so helpful and caring towards me. She has been so welcoming and inspires me every day to be the best person that I can be by helping others and standing up for what I believe in.” Isaacs described Gaskins in one word as “passionate.”

Junior Madison Isaacs traveled with other students from McNicholas under the leadership of Ms. Gaskins in the summer of 2019. Issacs said this picture was taken in Orvieto, Italy on June 8.

Junior Anna Eiser is inspired by her grandma, Marilyn

“My grandma Marilyn has the best sense of humor and work ethic. She has motivated me to [do] so much and is living proof that things get better. She was not only successful in her career, she also met all of her goals in life and more.” Marilyn worked at a playing card company and became the president’s secretary quickly into her career. Eiser added that, “Growing up, my grandma didn’t have a ton of money. She also dealt with a lot of loss growing up. Instead of sulking, she pushed herself to make the best of every situation. My grandma has taught me to work for what you want. She has given me such confidence within myself and has offered a safe, non-judgmental environment. I wish I could be half the woman she is.” Eiser said in one word her grandma is “loyal.”

Junior Anna Eiser (age 3) with her Grandma Marilyn

Senior Ellie Rudolph shouts out science teacher Regina Goines (’76).

Rudolph said, “Mrs. Goines has the sweetest smile that instantly makes me feel safe, accepted, and embraced. She is a total girl boss [and] makes me want to follow my dreams [of being a] doctor and keep working extra hard in the field of science.” Rudolph added, “[Goines] always works extra hard with any student who needs it. [She] always listens to me and stands up for what is right, speaks highly of others, always lets me know she’s there for me, and loves her family, job, and students. She is technically my boss with my little science aid job, so I get to spend quality time with her doing science which is something we both love. I got to go on Kairos with her [and] she always offers an extra hand or hug.” In one word, Rudolph described Goines as “confident.”

Senior Ellie Rudolph works as a science classroom aid during G bell when she took this picture of Regina Goines making two students laugh.

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