How to have a COVID-friendly Christmas break

With the difficult times of 2020, finding things to do over Christmas break is difficult. Here are some fun ideas that are COVID-friendly and guaranteed fun.

Take it outside

Outside activities are a great way to be able to social distance with family while still being able to enjoy fun holiday activities. Another suggestion is outdoor light shows such as the Coney Island light show, and the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. Both of these activities last until early January.

Freshman Remington Holder said, “One thing that people can do, and I know that my family will do, is go to the Coney Island light show. You can stay warm and safe in your car and still enjoy a fun family activity.”

Freshman Audrey Hurlburt said, “Have a bonfire. I know it’s cold outside, but the fire will provide warmth for everyone. You can spread out, and the risk of contracting Covid-19 is lower than normal because you’re in an outside and ventilated space. Make some hot chocolate and tell everyone to bring their own snacks. My family did it for 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and it worked great. We were always 6+ feet apart and everyone was able to have a good time.”

Zoom in the fun

With Zoom becoming more prominent over the past 10 months there are many ways to incorporate fun holiday activities through your computer screen. Junior Morgan Svarda said, “Have a gingerbread house competition with other families and send pictures of the results to each other so you can pick a winner!” Freshman Avery Elliot also added, “People can open presents on zoom or FaceTime, and they can see reactions without being unsafe.”

Bake and deliver

Holiday baking is also a big tradition during Christmas time. Sophomore Megan Kuhn said, “Cookie making, and hot chocolate bombs are a great way to spend Christmas break.” Freshman Langley Esterle added, “I think baking is a great way to stay entertained during the holiday break, and you can (safely) deliver them to people.”

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