Rockets rank favorite Christmas movies

Christmas is a time of fun, joy, family, and of course, Christmas movies. During the Christmas season, many people will be gathered around the TV watching their favorite Christmas movies. In a recent Milestone survey, students were asked to vote for their favorite Christmas movie from options like “Elf”, “The Grinch”, “Rudolph”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, or a choice of their own adding. The students have spoken, and the top three favorite Christmas movies of McNick students are here.

Coming in at 3rd place was Home Alone with 9% of the votes.

Home Alone was released on Nov. 16, 1990, with a story line of an 8-year-old boy, Kevin McCallister, accidentally being left at home by his parents as the rest of the family takes a trip to Paris. While left home, Kevin realizes it’s not all that great when two men try to break in and rob the McCallister’s home. Kevin must protect and defend the family’s home until the rest of the family returns.

“This is my favorite because of the Rube Goldberg type contraptions,” freshman Remington Holder said.

Coming in a 2nd place was Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas with 23% of the votes.

Released on Nov. 8, 2000, the movie follows a plot where the Grinch (Jim Carrey) plans to ruin Christmas for the town of Whoville. At night, the Grinch and his dog Sam travel from their mountaintop home to Whoville to steal anything and everything that involves Christmas, until one “Who” sparks a change in his heart.

“This is a very inspiring movie and [I] enjoyed it as a young kid,” sophomore Adam Carville said

Sophomore Toby Humphries added, “I like watching it with my family.”

In 1st place is Elf receiving48% of the votes.

Elf came to theaters October 9, 2003, and follows the story of a baby named Buddy accidently arriving in the North Pole after climbing into Santa’s bag when he stopped to deliver presents at an orphanage. Buddy was raised by elves, but as he grows up he has to face the reality of not actually being one. He learns about his dad in New York City and sets out to meet him. After finding his dad and building a bond, he sets out in search of a girlfriend. Towards the end of the movie Buddy finds Santa in Central Park after Santa crashes the sled. Buddy helps Santa take flight again and restores belief of Christmas in people in New York.

“Elf is my favorite because it is light-hearted and so funny, it’s just a tradition to watch it every year,” junior Jennifer Fries said.

“Elf is my favorite Christmas movie because it always makes me laugh and brings happiness to my whole family,” sophomore Emma Kelley said.

Other movies mentioned were The Nightmare Before Christmas, White Christmas, A Year Without Santa Claus, Fred Claus, Jingle All the Way, and Muppets’ Christmas Carol.

McNick students recently revealed their favorite Christmas movies in a Milestone survey. In the graph, Blue represents Elf; orange, How The Grinch Stole Christmas; and purple being “other,” which 2% of students added Home Alone as one of their favorites.

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