McNick continues to implement new logo

In August 2020, McNicholas introduced its new logo and colors.

Principal Mr. Dave Mueller, Former Director of Communications and Marketing Mrs. Shannon Kapp, Athletic Director Mr. Drew Schmidt, parents, and board members formed a committee and researched with an outside company about colors and designs to bring about this change.

“The idea was that we wanted to do a better job of showcasing who McNicholas is,” Director of Communications and Marketing Mrs. Anne Jones said. “We wanted to try to get at the heart of who we are and what makes us special and awesome.”

The previous logo was simply an “M” with “Rockets” through it. It wasn’t unique and didn’t have much symbolism behind it, Jones stated. She added that the new “M” is meant to be a strong presence, representing our culture of pride and participation. The three lines each symbolize how McNicholas is a coed school: brotherhood, sisterhood, and uniting together. The different lengths of the three lines represent how the students and staff radiate Christ’s light and the cross that they form remind us of our strong Catholic values.

The school’s original colors were green and white, so the addition of yellow wasn’t long ago, as explained by Jones. Before the logo change, the colors were a hunter green, white, black, and a gold/yellow. Now, the primary colors are McNick green, black, and white, with the green and black being prioritized. The rocket illustration was changed to represent how McNicholas Rockets rise to the occasion and to inspire students, athletes, alumni, and faculty members.

The next step to fully converting McNicholas to fitting the new logo and colors will be a continuous project. It is also an expensive project that cannot be done at once, so this change will be an ongoing process.

“It’s fresh, clean, and just vibrant,” Jones said.

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