Despite Covid, Christmas traditions start to return to ‘normal’

During Christmas 2020, many students were unable to celebrate as they usually would. Instead they had to spend their Christmas wearing a mask or only celebrating with their immediate family.

“We pretty much just did the same thing as last year, except we were all masked,” sophomore Amanda Braig said.

“We were going to drop traditional Christmas plans [and] fly to Hawaii instead of giving and receiving gifts,” freshman Tanner Shelly said. Braig and Tanner, just like many other students, had to change their Christmas plans last year because of COVID-19.

In a recent Milestone survey, students expressed that this year they are able to celebrate Christmas the way that they want. “We did not bake Christmas cookies to deliver to friends [last year]. We will return to making them this year,” SAIL teacher Jeanne Daly said.

“Going to my grandparents was unable to happen [last year] because [my grandma] is high risk, but this year it will happen,” sophomore Christian Burt said.

The fact that students’ lives are starting to return to how they were pre-COVID just goes to show how close we are to being able to return to our traditions and a sense of ‘normalcy’.

Freshman Austin Payne shares the sentiment of so many when he said that he has hopes that this upcoming Christmas and the rest of the year will be better than last year.

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