Rockets share thoughts on lunch menu, café

The lunches at McNick have changed throughout the years, but how do students feel about the changes? Would they prefer the old items rather than the new ones or vice versa? In a recent Milestone survey, students shared what they would love to see on the menu.

Of the 39 students who responded to the survey, 25 % said that they wished prices were cheaper, while many others are hoping for the return of the salad bar (which has been closed since the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year because of Covid). Others (35%) recommended selling chicken tenders more than two days a week.

Freshman Kennedy Kramer said, “I would buy lunch way more if they offered more organic and healthier options. Instead of having side salads, maybe serve [salads] in bigger portions with different options.” Sophomore Christian Burt was one student who said he would like “lower prices.”

Cafeteria managers Laura and Sharon (who asked to be referred to by first name only) said they server around 200 students each day during lunch. They try to make different meals every day so that they don’t serve the same thing every week.

“With Covid and the supply shortage, we don’t have the ingredients to make some of the stuff we used to serve. We get what we can,” Sharon said, “I’ve been here for 6 years, and I love it. The students are so nice and appreciative.” 

Lunch Lady Laura stocking the shelves. Lots of candy and snacks for the students.

The McNicholas cafeteria serves approximately 200 students during lunch each day. Every day students have choices between fresh, hot food and packaged favorites like ramen noodles, sour patch kids, and chips. Cafeteria manager Laura stocks items daily that students are able to purchase throughout the day and not just during lunch.

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