Business at OU, UC top choices for Class of 2022

It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been nearly four year since the Class of 2022 came walking into McNicholas High School for the first time, but here we are in the year of 2022, just two months away from graduation and the past is definitely not on the seniors’ minds right now. All they can think about is College. All the excitement, fears, possibilities, and choices that we used to hear of are finally coming and for most, it’s lots of emotions all at once. Moments we spend waiting for arrive sooner than expected somehow. But whether they were ready or not the Class of 2022 had to decide if college was for them or not and if so, make the decision on where to go. After getting results from surveys sent to seniors in March, The University of Cincinnati and Ohio University are the top two picks for colleges in the Class of 2022. However, there were some interesting choices in the survey as well, such as Purdue University, Kent State University, and Tennessee University.

The survey also asked the Class of 2022 what they were looking forward to the most in college. The results showed that living independently from parents as well as meeting new friends were by far what brings the excitement to this class, but the sporting events weren’t too far behind. There’s more to picking a college than that though, because the biggest influence for these choices was also the campuses themselves. With the great downtown Cincinnati area of Clifton and the beautiful city of Athens this was no surprise.

Finally, with the Class of 2022, all that was left was to pick the major, and it seems McNicholas has a knack for producing business men and women because this took up 62% of the responses for major choices.

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