Rockets after 2:30: Students still active after a full day of classes

For many McNicholas students, the day doesn’t end at 2:30 when the final bell rings. In addition to homework, Rockets have after school jobs and activities that fill the hours between the end of school and when they can finally get some rest before their alarm signals the time to do it all again.  

English teacher, Angie Noble said she has “nonstop meetings and teaching from 7:40 until 3, 4, 5 p.m. every day, and then I typically have athletic events for my own children to attend until even later.” Theater as well and have to prepare for plays and musicals.  

Sports, clubs, and theatre were the common responses to a Milestone survey about what Rockets do after 2:30 p.m. Junior Ty Snyder’s after school time is spent in practices and games for different sports. Snyder said, “I’ve been playing baseball and football my entire life. I love the brotherhood that this school provides.” Fellow athlete freshman Kenzie Dehner also spends time after school for sports.  “I have been doing softball since 2nd grade and I have always loved it so much. I get excited for every game and even if we lose, I am always glad I play,” Dehner said.  

“I’ve been participating in cross country for six years because I’ve always loved running as part of a group. It lessens my anxiety and poses a very difficult but fun challenge. Being a part of a team makes the sport significantly more bearable, and I’ve met many amazing people that I probably never would have met otherwise,” sophomore Mary Metzger said. “It’s the same way with track. This is my fourth season on a track team. I started running track because I thought it would be similar to cross country, but it’s a completely different atmosphere. The meets are much more relaxed, there are more runners, and the field events add a whole new element. This is my second year as a member of Hands Across Campus. We are an inclusivity and diversity club for McNick. I love HAC because I believe that everyone should feel safe and welcome at our school, no matter who they are. Spreading awareness about the struggles others face and helping to come up with solutions has always been a passion of mine.” 

After school jobs take up as much time as sports for many. Senior Grady Collins said, “I’ve worked at The Olive Garden right on Beechmont for about 3 months. I am in the kitchen so I could do anything from cooking the food to doing the dishes on a given day. The pay comes weekly with a good amount per hour, and the people there are extremely friendly.”  

Freshman Michael Egan said he chooses to spend his after school time volunteering at a nursing home. “About once a month, I go with my dad to the New England Club nursing home to give communion to those that are not able to get up and go to Mass. I am not a eucharistic minister, but I do help my dad carry the things that he needs to give them communion. The residents really seem to enjoy our company along with our service.”  

Sophomore Tyler Buchanan said, “I work at the Bengal stadium. I’ve been working for [there] since February. I do it because I like sports.”  

Senior Nigel Beeker has been using his after-school time to prepare for his future. “I enlisted early in October last year and since then, every Tuesday and Thursday, I have trained with other recruits. I do this to get ready for when I go to boot camp in Parris Island but also because of the people there. I have made new friends there and they are some of the coolest people I know,” Beeker said.  

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