Much to miss at McNick: Seniors share memories

As graduation gets closer and closer for the Class of 2022, the days here have become more and more about reminiscing. Pretty soon they won’t be able to call this place their home, but rather it will be a memory, and as that realization settles in, the memories made have started to come back to life. Tasks as simple as walking down the halls spark memories of being lost during freshman year, and it makes people wonder where the time went. With all the memories flowing, members of the senior class shared what they will miss the most about McNicholas High.

Seniors Nicole Bell and Rachel Fryman agreed that finding ways to distract a teacher is a fun memory. “The random little funny moments that happen when we get the class off track,” is what Bell will remember and miss. It’s hard to get a whole lecture hall laughing at the same thing, so having a small class made it easier to bond and with classmates and teachers. Fryman added, “I will miss the community and how everyone knows everyone and just the loving atmosphere.” College is too big to bring that feeling of knowing everyone, so it’s nice to see this class enjoying it while they have it.

Seniors Matthew Tucker and Dean Singleton called McNick home for another reason. “I will miss being a part of a team. The brotherhood we had on the football team was one the greatest feelings in the world, I will always cherish it and miss it,” Tucker said. Teams bonded together for 4 years finally have to split up, but the love for them all will always be there. Singleton continued, “I will miss playing sports and hanging out with friends. When playing sports, you make a lot of friendships, and I will miss seeing my friends during practice and games.” Even though the teams have to end, it doesn’t mean the friendships do.

The next step in life is one that every person has to take, even when they’re not ready to leave what’s behind. Senior Mara Jones said, “I will miss the people and the community here. I am excited to move onto college, but I’m not excited to leave my friends.” Letting something or someone you love go will never be easy, but sometimes paths need to be separated for the best outcomes. Senior Sammy Waterman added with a special memory: “I will miss Kairos and how bonded we all got. I will always remember the memories and what I gained from Kairos.” An experience that only those who have attended can understand. Everyone has their reasons on why they are going to miss what they are going to miss, but everyone will miss the atmosphere this place brought, because there is nothing else like it.

Do you have more memories to share? Write them in the comment section for this story, and we’ll consider them for publication.

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