Teachers offer farewell advice to seniors

The Class of 2022 is coming to the end of their years at McNicholas High School and will soon be stepping into the world as adults. Some of the McNick teachers have put together some words of advice for them after they leave. Life will be different for them and they will have to go out into the real world. Some of the McNick teachers have some words of advice for the seniors.  

“Pray daily. Find a good parish for Sunday Mass and go. Eat one piece of chocolate per day. Remember to stay in touch with your McNick family because we will miss you.” — Father Kevin Scalf  

“Life can sometimes be a painful process to make you into who God created you to be. I like to imagine that I am a large block of marble waiting to be made into a beautiful sculpture. When the artist is chiseling the marble, it can hurt, just like all the trials of life. But I keep going, knowing that I am being formed into something far more beautiful that I could imagine. Through this process, I am called to be virtuous: patient, kind, humble, charitable, chaste, and temperate. You are all called to be Saints!!” – Science teacher Jessica Boese  

“In the words of Mother Teresa, ‘The hunger of today is for love.’ Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, not only for food and water, but for love, peace, truth, and justice. Feed your hunger with prayer, so that you may feed others with your love.”  — Art teacher Willy Corbett 

“Find your passion and make it your paycheck! Be grateful and develop meaningful relationships. Be kind.” – SAIL teacher Val Combs  

“Be yourself. Don’t conform. Don’t join everything that looks cool. Stay interested in new experiences. Take risks. Be open minded. Be kind, always.” — French teacher Sophia Kostoff  

“Call your mom at least once a week.” – Math teacher Ashley Brothers  

“My advice for the class of 2022 is to firstly, don’t wish away your time. College is going to go by faster than high school. Spend your time doing the things you love and take care of your responsibilities well. I wish I could look back at my time in college and say that I embraced every moment, but I know that I didn’t. There were times that I procrastinated, put in minimal effort, and didn’t take advantage of many opportunities that were presented to me. It is okay to be human – we all have bad days!! However, try to take in every moment with a sense of gratitude, realizing that education is a great privilege. A piece of advice that I was given my freshman year of college that has stuck with me is this: Instead of saying ‘I have to take this test’ or ‘I have to write this paper’ or ‘I have to go to my clinical,’ say ‘I GET to take this test’ and ‘I GET to write this paper’ and ‘I GET to go to my clinical.’ Appreciate the people around you and those who are working hard to ensure you succeed. Have fun and make memories! When you look back at your college years, you should not want to re-live them because you took them for granted. You should want to re-live them because they were so wonderful, enriching, memorable, and fun! Enjoy every minute and peace be with you on this new journey!” — Theology teacher Maria Schroeder. 

“This has definitely been a strange four years for all of you, but think of all that you’ve endured and the resilience you’ve shown. Next year will be a year of new (and different) beginnings. Be patient as you rediscover who you are and where you belong. Find your people, and be patient with the journey and where life will take you. It takes time to adjust to change, and I promise it will be worth it.” – English teacher Angie Noble  

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