Faculty, staff share senior pics for decade(s) flashback

In honor of the Class of 2022’s recent graduation and the current juniors ready to fill their shoes as the senior class, The McNicholas Milestone thought it would be fun to post the senior pics of all those who work to make McNicholas the brilliant place that it is for current and prospective students. Twenty-seven members of the McNicholas faculty and staff shared their senior pictures below. During their high school years, these future education professionals filled their days with academics and extra-curriculars like Science Club, school musicals, and the Appalachian Retreat, for those who are McNicholas alumni. Director of Admissions Laurie Carigan said she attended the “Appalachia trip with John Norman, and we did the polar bear plunge by jumping in a freezing lake.  I was dismayed I couldn’t bring my curling iron on the trip.” Others served as editors of their school newspapers, and participants in organizations like SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving), Future Business Leaders of America, and Eco-Fair. McNicholas alumni graced Mardi Gras Courts as royalty and were three-sport athletes, including two who were members of a state championship team. Can you guess who’s who of the following 27? Mrs. Jeannine Blatt, Mr. Rob Boese, Mrs. Ashley Brothers, Mrs. Laurie Carigan, Mrs. Val Combs, Mrs. Tracey Canisalez, Mrs. Jeanne Daly, Ms. Mary Dennemann, Ms. Teresa De Zarn, Mrs. Pat Farwick, Mrs. Regina Goines, Mrs. Renee Herndon, Mr. Jeff Hutchinson-Smyth, Mrs. Mary Kiger, Mrs. Kendra Lonnemann, Mr. Tim Monahan, Mr. Jeff Mulvey, Mrs. Angie Noble, Mr. Steve Rice, Mr. Sam Roflow, Mr. David Sandmann, Mrs. Mary Beth Sandmann, Mr. Drew Schmidt, Ms. Hannah Schwab, Mr. Pat Stricker, Mrs. Jenni Tumser, and Mr. Shawn Young.

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