Technology teachers share ideas on ways to prevent tablet issues

As week six of the first quarter starts, students are settling in to the school year and with that comes issues with tablets. Rob Boese, Director of Technology, offers help for students that have tablet issues.

Boese explains the most common tablet issues are touchscreens and touchpad mouse because some students don’t use tablet cases. “With tablets being in your backpack, I believe some students become less careful with their backpack, and forget it’s in there,” says Boese.

Rob Boese in his office in the library

 Boese also says, “You have books and writing materials in your backpack, so if you put your tablet in there it could get jangled up.” He suggests getting a tablet case to fix this problem, but if you do get an issue with the touch screen or mouse, he suggests restarting your tablet.

 Students recently received an email saying not use VPNs. Boese says that most students are using free VPNs which aren’t secure. The VPN could be from any country, and the country would collect your data.

Jolene Esz, IT Fundamentals teacher, gave some insight on VPNs and why Rockets should not use them. “When you use VPNs, they go around certain security measures we put on your tablet,” she explains.

Boese believes students are using VPNs for apps that were originally blocked by the school. He believes unblocking the websites prevents temptation so students can focus on schoolwork.

 Sarah Hutchinson Freshman, believes that it’s important to learn things, but when you’re done learning you should be able to play games.

 Addy Russo Freshman said, “You shouldn’t game on your tablet during class because it’s disrespectful to the teacher.”

 Clare Goldbach Freshman thinks that the VPN email was agreeable and thinks students should be allowed to do whatever on the tablet when you’re done with students, unless the tablet’s games distract you.

Esz shares a funny story about her first year of teaching here. “The students’ tablets didn’t come with a place to store your stylist, so we made these strings to hold the stylist. The string had a size adjustable bead on it, so when students closed their tablet they would close on the bead. This eventually caused the tablet’s screen to crack,” said Esz.

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