The classroom changes at McNicholas

McNicholas has some new news for the students and the teachers. There have been big changes since the previous year like new classes, new teachers, no convent classes. 

The convent was used for classes since it was made into a school. The main part of the building was not there until it started to get bigger. The world language classes were in the convent for years and no student ever thought they would move them. Coming into the McNicholas 2022-23 school year many classes were moved around, including languages.  

Sophomore Jack Mayer said how he liked the convent classes. “You moved around…having the languages down there feels like we kind of stay in [the main] part of the school and don’t move around very much” Mayer said. 

Sophomore, Ellie Suttles says she liked “walking up the stairs” which is one of the things students would complain about but miss the most.  

“I feel like it takes away students’ interactions with one of the oldest buildings on campus” Sophomore, Alex Dalton said. Both Dalton and Junior, Lucy Timko agreed they missed the old classroom. Dalton describes the “creepy elevator” that hurt students used to use.  

Spanish teacher, Anne Herrmann said she was used to her classroom even though she had it for only two years. Herrmann said, “I don’t feel so isolated, there are other people around” unlike in the convent there were only about three or four teachers up there.  

Mayer says it did make a difference to him moving classes because he enjoyed the “vibe” in the convent classroom. He just describes it as “it’s not the same.” 

“It’s just a different atmosphere, it just feels more welcoming and open” Hermann said. The room she had before had carpet and didn’t have much of an echo like she does now. She also had a closet, and she would use it every day to put her jacket in. Now she hangs it on her chair in her room. 

Spanish teacher, Tracey Canisalez’s class was working together on their assignment.  

Latin teacher, Paul Romolo talks a lot about missing his old room including about how it was a lot “quieter” than his new room. Romolo said there were “pros and cons [to being] up there” and how because it away from the main building and quiet he was “able to get a lot of work done.” He does miss having is very of Paradise field and having his air conditioning.  

McNicholas has gone through many changes throughout the year and the convent classes moving were some of the biggest ones. The students do miss them, but they are happy they don’t have to climb the stairs every day to the class.   

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