McNicholas Broadcasting reflects on their experiences

McNicholas Sports Broadcasting is working hard to cover the sports at McNicholas High School. The program interviews players and coaches to give a behind the scenes perspective on the sports program at McNicholas. 

McNicholas Sports Broadcasting members are counselor Matt Wehrman, senior Andy Edwards, freshmen Brady Edwards, and freshmen Quinn Hutchinson. Wehrman and Andy Edwards started the McNicholas Sports Broadcasting in the fall of 2020 because they wanted people to know what was happening in the games during the COVID-19 pandemic when people could not attend games.  

Wehrman likes that it gives athletes a chance to talk about how they played or talk about their teammates. and students interested in broadcasting a way to shine. Wehrman said “I think it’s fun to give everybody an opportunity.”  

Edwards said his favorite aspect of McNicholas Sports Broadcasting is “the interviews with Coach O and the interviews at the end are so much fun.” Coach O is the head football coach, Mike Orlando, who is interviewed at halftime. This provides information of what is running through the mind of the head coach during the game.  

Edwards also interviews players that do something important or anything else remarkable. This gives students the chance to be highlighted for their play when they might not otherwise.  

Edwards said broadast is “something I can do get my mind off things.” Edwards has been a part of the broadcast team since his sophomore year. 

Andy Edwards and Matt Wehrman broadcasting live in the booth at a basketball game.

In addition to the McNicholas Sports Broadcasting podcast, Wehrman has a coach show that he does once a month called coaches corner. Basketball games and football games are broadcast too. All their material can be found on Mixlr, a broadcasting website. 

McNicholas Broadcasting is on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram under that name. Their name on Mixlr is McNickBroadcasting. 

Edwards said, “once I started doing it, I was having the best time ever just like having fun with it and just being my best self.” 

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