Rockets celebrate Halloween on campus

Halloween on Monday, October the 31st comes with many excitements at McNicholas. Students dress up, trick or treat, and party. 

Costumes among the school will be anywhere from pirates, angels, superheroes, devils, and other iconic costumes. The costume most Rockets will be wearing is a pirate costume, second being a witch, and Batman as the third most common costume.  

When it comes to what others will be wearing, most Rockets think the most popular costume this year will be Eddie Mudson. He is a fan favorite of the hit show Stranger Things. The more unique costumes that the Rockets will be wearing Limu Emu, Smurf, Kesha, Lego men, and Werner Heisenberg. 

For the 30% of Rockets that are going trick or treating, their favorite candy is Twix, chocolate bars, and Reese’s. Although, 70% of Rockets note that they will not be taking part in trick or treating but rather staying home to watch Halloween movies.  

Most Rockets are into scary movies, however, most Rocket’s go to Halloween movies is The Night Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus .  

The overall McNicholas community celebrated the Halloween season through events such as Boo Fest and Trunk or Treat. 

The CREW program hosted a pumpkin decorating contest and will be judged by celebrity judges on Halloween. There is another contest on decorating pumpkins but for the English department, it focused on showcasing literary characters and writers. Many students participated in one or both decorating contests. 

Student submissions of literary pumpkins displayed in the library.

Ashley Brothers, Math Teacher, ran Boo Fest, the most difficult part of Boo fest was inflating the 43-foot screen. “I knew it would be a monster but not that bad,” said Brothers.  

Overall, Brothers thinks Boo Fest was a huge success She thought that the clubs and sports did a good job at setting up the booth. Boo Fest had a turnout of close to 600 people.  

Todd Naumann, Student Culture Coordinator, believes that Boo Fest was a huge success and was proud that everyone pitched in. “It was fun seeing the little kids run around with a smile on their face,” Said Naumann. 

Halloween will be fun for all Rockets!  

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