Teacher Feature: Mr. Bill Losekamp

Note: Losekamp uses alliteration each morning to describe the upcoming day, as a way to inspire the students. 

Mr. Bill Losekamp is one of the tantastic teachers here at McNicholas High School. He is a Purcell Marian graduate but says “All three of my kids have come through here so I almost consider myself a McNick alumni.” This is Losekamp’s 26th year teaching at McNicholas. 

As well as teaching Pre- Calculus to Juniors and Seniors, Losekamp is also the director of student life. However, he makes sure to prioritize teaching, before other sometimes overwhelming tasks. “It’s a little stressful to kind of put the two pieces together… being able to make sure I give myself enough time to be all in when I’m in the classroom, and make sure I don’t schedule something that is going to conflict with my class,” says Losekamp. 

Losekamp says, “I still want to be first and foremost a teacher. That’s not my second thing. I still want to be a full-time teacher.” While he’s teaching two bells this year instead of six, his passion remains in the classroom environment.  

Mr. Bill Losekamp teaching his F bell Pre-calculus class.

Because Losekamp is taking on the extra role of Dean of Discipline this year, many students have had the chance to meet him for the first time before they take one of his classes. Sometimes, the first meeting of students is due to behavioral issues. Losekamp tries to help students understand that their recent behaviors do not define them and hopes that they will learn from the experience.  

Losekamp feels that because they are meeting in such poor circumstances it may cause students to misjudge him. “Sometimes people say, ‘Oh, I don’t like him.’ But if that’s what it takes to change someone’s behavior, I don’t relish in the thought that they don’t like me. That’s not necessarily me. I’ve always tried to be a guy that’s been respected by the students.” Losekamp says.  

Outside of the classroom, Losekamp enjoys spending time with his grandkids. Losekamp says, 

 “I like to spend a lot of time with my grandkids whether that be… sled riding, we go to the zoo, we try to go camping two or three times a season at least, we try to stay outdoors as much as possible.” 

Losekamp is also known for doing the announcements at the beginning and end of every school day. He hopes to lift the students’ hopes every morning on the PA, whether it’s Tantastic Tuesday or Whimsical Wednesday.  

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