Teacher Feature: Mr. Roflow  

Mr. Sam Roflow is one of the amazing teachers at McNicholas High School. Roflow teaches in the Theology department, mainly the morality course. He is also an alumnus of McNicholas and has coached the baseball team at McNicholas. He has been with the school for 25 years. 

As a high school student, Roflow’s journey was not traditional. He explained that “in my first 2 years [he went] to Madera High School, 2 years at McNicholas and graduated from McNicholas.”  

After high school, Roflow, “went to Xavier University on a baseball scholarship and went to the Athenaeum for my masters.” This experience prepared him to be the educator he is appreciated as today. 

Roflow’s best memory is “teaching teenager and being a part of their life and helping them discover where there going.” 

After school, he enjoys getting outside. He stated, “I would take the dog out for a walk and go from an additional walk sometimes with my neighbor Mr. Norman.” Additionally, he says, “I like to cook after my walks and watch tv or the news.”  

Roflow claims one of his greatest accomplishments is going “to Axis Italy and visit[ing] all the historical sites […] with my wife.” 

In his free time, Roflow also enjoys his family. “I spend a lot of time with my grandkids and my kids. When my wife passed, it brought us together in a really good way and I spend a lot of time with them,” said Roflow.  

  At this point in his life, Roflow said, “I’m pretty contented with what I have done in life, and I live like every day like it is my last.”  

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