Seniors looking forward from graduation and transitioning into college 

Seniors finished their last exams on May 18, 2023. It’s now time for the class of 2023 to move on-to their next adventure. College may be the next step for most, but before that many have plans for summer.  

Seniors are spending time over the summer in activities that will give them experience for college. Ariana Yanez is planning to work in the ice cream shop she has been working in for the past 2 years. “I think having a job definitely helps me prepare for college and living on my own because it gives me a little bit of independence,” said Yanez.  

Gwyneth Gaunt’s graduation announcement

Gwyn Gaunt will work on freelance art and social media management over the summer. She hopes to get an internship with Sesame Workshop. “I don’t think it will necessarily prepare me for college, but some of the stuff I do if I get the internship with Sesame Workshop will definitely help with my major,” said Gaunt.  

 Harlan Mulvey is going to UC for film and media studies. “To prepare I’m probably going to watch movie,” said Mulvey.  

Ariana Yanez’s feature on the McNicholas Class of 2023 Instagram.

Yanez will be majoring in Psychology at Ohio University in the Fall. Yanez said, “Hopefully if I get to tutor or be a counselor for some kids over the summer, that might help me.” She will be majoring in Psychology at Ohio University in the Fall.  

The seniors expressed that they are excited to be free to do their own things outside of the school environment. Yanez is looking forward to learning to live on her own. “I am going to find a roommate first of all, and I’m going to go shopping for clothes and new things for my dorm,” said Yanez.

With optimism for the future, Gaunt said, “I get to focus most of my energy on something that I really care about.” 

As far as advice for rising seniors, Mulvey said, “Keep working hard, you don’t have to know everything right now, you’re allowed to change it.”  

Yanez said, “Go into something that you want to do, don’t listen to what other people may try to influence you into going into. And if you love something it doesn’t have to be your major, you can do clubs, you can do it as a hobby still.”  

In some final words of wisdom, Gaunt said, “Where you go is not the most important thing, it might be really stressful, there might be a lot of pressure on you to get into a good school, but you will end up wherever is right for you.”  

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