Students on Campus Over Summer

Summer is finally approaching, marking the end of the school year on May 31, 2023 at McNicholas High School. Students are showing their devotion to McNick by continuing their work on campus even throughout the summer. Many students will be participating in camps, cleaning, summer studies, and other events over their break.

There is a wide variety of athletic enrichment camps offered by McNick this summer, ranging from cheerleading to basketball. Even after graduation, senior Sam Noble said he will be volunteering for the men’s volleyball camp.

“[I will be] teaching kids from fifth grade to eighth grade the basics and fundamentals of volleyball” said Noble, McNick’s senior men’s volleyball captain. The camp has been successful in past years in preparing future Rockets for what high school athletics will look like.

2022 Boys’ Volleyball Camp from @mcnickmensvolleyball

Sophomore, Jack Mayer, will be working with other future Rockets to help them get through football season and improve their game. “I will kinda just be helping the younger kids run the stations, give them a little bit of tips and tricks something like that,” said Mayer.

Along with these athletic opportunities McNick offers many academic and enrichment camps, including an introduction to musical theater, study skills, and art exploration. Teacher Mrs. Angie Noble is teaching two sessions of college essay boot camp, a class of study skills, and a reading skills camp for incoming freshman.

The purpose of these classes is to help students navigate through their future transitions in schooling, especially from grade school to high school. Noble said, “One of the reasons I really enjoy it is because I am totally in charge of the curriculum and my master’s degree is in curriculum design, and so I have fun designing the curriculum.”

Students will also be hard at work helping McNick prepare for the coming school year. Sophomore, Jack Brink, along with Mayer, will be working to help clean the building and move furniture around as teachers need.  “I’ve just gotta move stuff around, help teachers with whatever they need help with. It’s very laborious, but I make twelve bucks an hour so, not too bad” said Mayer.

While working over break is important, rest and relaxation can feel much needed after a long school year. Students are excited to spend time with their friends and families on vacation, even traveling as far as Hawaii.

With the end of the school year approaching students may feel like summer is already here. It is important to stay diligent while preparing for exams and finishing tests at the end of the school year. Noble said, “I feel like it’s been over since March.” To stay focused Noble “attacks the day and bosses up.” Sophomore Ethan Gundrum said, “I don’t have to do anything to stay locked in, I’m just that guy. You’ve just got to stay disciplined.” Students’ hard work and a summer reset sets the stage for an exciting coming year at McNicholas High school

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