Advice for McNicholas students from their peers in the grades above

Even though the end of the school year is still around the corner, students at McNicholas are already thinking about what it is going to be like in the next grade. The Milestone staff elicited the biggest advice to give to the next grade. 

For incoming freshmen: 

Freshmen Malia Shaver, Chylynn Wadkins, and Casey Fritsch all agree that for the incoming freshmen, trying out for summer sports is one of the ways to make friends before school starts up.  

As far as academics go, Shaver said, “it’s good to make sure you keep your test from previous lessons because for exams you’ll frequently see questions from those tests on there.” Wadkins said, “definitely asking for help” from any teacher with assignments you need that help with Fritsch said, “keep a planner of all of your assignments that you need to do.”  

To the rising sophomores: 

Sophomore Kennedy Dehner said, “begin the year with starting strong and don’t save it all for the end.” Megan Berger explains with sports always “try your best in them and it’s a good way to make [new] friends.”  

Mia Bucher said, “time management” learn to use that with sports and work you have. Dehner, Berger, and Bucher all agreed to make sure students use their study halls and not save the homework for after school and after sports.  

Bucher adds, “just enjoy your time here” and Dehner then said, “don’t take it for granted.”  

Advice to the new upper classmen: 

Juniors Audrey Hurlburt and Lucy Timko both agreed that as juniors, “colleges are looking at the grades this year. Senior year collages aren’t looking at those Grades. “Don’t just guess on the ACT” said Hurlburt and Timko added on “make sure you are staying on top of your grades, study for everything.”  

Hurlburt said, “It’s okay to fall out of love with your sport.” Everyone this year has started to get jobs and is becoming very busy and then sports aren’t what they love anymore. “This is the year people start maturing and they all will be at different rates and it’s going to absolutely shatter relationships like friends…teachers, you just [must] be flexible and expect it” said Hurlburt.  

For the rising leaders of the school: 

Senior Naomi Preuett said, “don’t procrastinate anything or if you think ‘I have time for it tomorrow’ you probably won’t have time to do it tomorrow. And it goes by fast so try to go to all the things, basketball games, football games, so it’ll just make it more fun.” She said many times “to just have fun” and make the most of it.  

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