Teacher Feature: Mrs. Indigo Hudepohl

Mrs. Indigo Hudepohl, an art teacher at McNicholas High School, is finishing her first year of teaching at McNicholas. She has earned the admiration of her students through the planned creative projects in the course. She offers five different classes with subjects such as embroidery, painting, charcoal, perspective drawings, and watercolor that all grade levels are able to take.  

Students feel welcome and comfortable in her classroom. They ask questions, share their thoughts, and come up with many new ideas while learning about different aspects of art. “Mrs. Hudepohl helps me express my express my emotions through my art,” Alli White, freshmen, said. 

Alerted books is a project in Fine Arts and Foundation Arts that allows students to express their creativity. “It was really fun to see everyone’s different approaches,” said Hudepohl.

“My favorite thing about art class is how much thought goes into the assignments,” Hudepohl said. Her students see that process and appreciate that “It takes time to figure out what’s next for us and that we will learn from it and enjoy it,” Lexi Richmond, freshmen, said.   

One of Hudepohl’s goals at the start of the year was to learn all her students’ names and to get to know them. This goal was achieved by the second semester and her students were able to get to know her and the people around them.  

Since this is Hudepohl’ s first year at McNicholas she has goals set for upcoming years and will make changes as things come along. “I have gotten to know my students a little bit which is really important to me,” Hudepohl said. 

Outside of art class Hudepohl loves reading different types of books and watching movies with her husband. She plays the guitar and Ukelele, and even taught herself how to sew, which is a skill that is hard to learn.

“I’m excited for [my husband] to meet my students and to be a good teacher,” Hudepohl said. Hudepohl’ s husband, Ben Popson, will be joining the McNicholas faculty as a new Theology teacher next year. This gives them both a great opportunity to continue their teaching careers together.

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