Ecology Club members visit Water Works

Friday, Nov. 4, 19 junior and senior Ecology Club members visited the Greater Cincinnati Water Works facility.

The students and Ecology Club moderator Ms. Lauren Wulker toured the treatment facility and learned about past and present water treatment methods. They also learned about the history of water, cost of water, water pollution, and water in Cincinnati. The students learned that Cincinnati was the first city to buy and publicly own its own water and that 300 gallons of water costs $1.

By going on a field trip the students got to learn in a new and exciting way. “There was a lot of overlapping material that students learn in the classroom, but never actually get to experience firsthand,” Wulker said.

Junior Kathryn Sheidler said, “I now have a greater respect for the people that work there and make our water cleaner for us.”

The Water Works facility has approximately 42 filters. Each day those filters clean over 600 million gallons of water for Cincinnati.

Ecology Club is very active on and around campus, but going off campus was a different experience. “I don’t know if we will go back for a few years, but we might visit Rumpkee, the zoo, or a farm,” Wulker said.

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