McNicholas students volunteer at Sem Haven Senior Prom

On March 22, approximately 50 McNicholas students volunteered at the 12th annual St. Patrick’s Day Senior Prom at the Sem Haven Health and Residential Care Center.  Students pinned corsages on the senior citizens, brought them punch and appetizers, such as fruit and meatballs, and danced with them to music from their era.

During the dance, one male and one female from McNicholas, along with a male and female from the senior center, were crowned king and queen.  From McNicholas, junior Ryan Winkler and senior Ali Miller were selected as king and queen due to their comfortable and genuine interaction with the residents.

“I liked meeting the people.  It’s not something you normally get to do,” Miller said.  “One lady told me she would set me up with her son. She was a ‘cutie.’”

According to the Sem Haven Activity Director, it was difficult to choose a king and queen from the students because they were all very natural and respectable around her clients.

Among the fun of the prom, many students found purpose.  “The event exceeded my expectations,” sophomore Sarah Wuerfel said.  “It was very meaningful.  I could see they were happy and that I made a difference.”

McNicholas Community Service Coordinator Mr. Sam Roflow enjoyed the event and seeing the students interact with the mostly over 70 population. .  “I watched like a proud dad.  I am in awe and amazed by the kindness and openness of the students,” Roflow said.

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