McNicholas Sweethearts reminisce

The wedding party of high school sweethearts Bobby Straka, Class of '03, and Annie Dames Straka, Class of '04.English teacher Ms. Ashley Markesbery, Dames Straka's maid of honor, is featured to the right of the bride.

Take a look around you. See the couples sitting together in the courtyard, or dancing together at Mardi Gras? There is a chance that these two students might end up getting married! McNicholas has been known to have quite a few “high school sweethearts” who are still married to this day.

Religion teacher and Class of ’74 alum Mr. Sam Roflow met his wife, the former Denise Gill at McNick. She was class president their sophomore year, and when Roflow came to McNick their junior year, his friends convinced him to run against her for the office. His friends stuffed the ballot box, so Roflow won.

“We had a lot of classes together, so we became friends that way. We started dating on December 14, 1973, our senior year. We then dated for seven and a half years before getting married,” Roflow said. “It wasn’t unusual that people went on from dating in high school to being married. We had about four or five couples in our grade that were high school sweethearts.”

Roflow’s daughter Jessica, Class of 2005, also married her high school sweetheart Matt Woebkenberg, Class of 2004.

“I think it’s neat that my daughter went on to marry her high school sweetheart, and I am glad that they have found happiness in each other,” Roflow said.

The Roflows aren’t the only sweethearts that have sent their children to McNick. Junior Maria Clark’s parents, Linda Dulle Clark and Mike Clark, Class of ’84, started dating when Linda asked Mike to the Sadie Hawkins dance their junior year.

Junior Alex Enders and sophomore Sami Enders’ parents, Mari Schweikert Enders and Scott Enders, Class of ’86, started dating at McNick and went on to get married.

Patty Scardina Volz and Tom Volz of the Class of ’70 started dating their freshman year at McNick, and have been together ever since.

“We met the first day of school. I saw him at his locker and said to my friend how cute he was. I helped him plan his date for Mardi Gras our freshman year… little did I know that this was his last date with her,” Scardina Volz said. “There were quite a few of people in our class that married each other.”

Although high school sweethearts used to be more common a few decades ago, they are not just a trend of the past.

Bobby Straka, Class of ’03, and Annie Dames Straka, Class of ’04 and cousin of senior Maggie Dames, started dating during Annie’s sophomore year. They were recently married in November 2010, and English teacher Ms. Ashley Markesbery was Annie’s maid of honor.

“I went to the University of Kentucky with Annie, and I got to know Bobby when he would come down to Lexington to visit her. I thought it was really cool how they made their relationship work even though he was at Miami and she was at UK. I always respected the maturity of their relationship, and I still do,” Markesbery said, “I think there were only 3 of us out of 14 in the wedding party who weren’t McNick grads.”

Although the chances of someone marrying their high school girlfriend or boyfriend is slim, there are still cases where couples that have started dating at McNick become married. Who knows who will be matched up by the fifth year reunion!

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