McNicholas students participate in Xavier University class

On Monday, March 26 from 6-8:30 p.m., 12 McNicholas students attended a “Religious Education and Youth Ministry” class at Xavier University. The class, taught by McNicholas religion teacher Mr. John Norman, focuses on the faith-life journeys of teenagers.

“Prior to our evening with the McNicholas students, we’ve [the class] only read about the adolescent faith journey,” Norman said. “So when McNick students join us for an evening of conversation, the Xavier students discover that the readings articulate the students’ experience.”

Norman invited these students to attend because he felt that they would be comfortable sharing their faith journeys with his college students.

“What they [the McNicholas students] had to say really relates to a lot of what we have been learning in this class,” Xavier theology major Gabrielle Patsey said.

The college course is for students who are interested in working with young people either through youth ministry or as a high school religion teacher.  Some students also take the class for a theology credit.

The class involving the McNicholas students included a round table discussion regarding topics such as Church issues, the struggles of an adolescent faith journey, and how today’s culture affects teenagers’ growth in their spiritual lives.

“I think it’s important to see what teenagers are thinking, because we once thought the same things,” Xavier theology major Victoria Masny said.

Not only was the class beneficial to Norman’s Xavier students, but the McNicholas students found it helpful as well.

“I liked that we all got to share our opinions and that I was able to discuss them with people I don’t usually talk to,” senior Jenn Siemer said.

The McNicholas students who attended the class included seniors Ed Allgeier, Ryan Coldiron, Daniel Cole, Jennifer Foltz, Melina Hazzard, Jason Hinson, Kelsey Overley, Claire Redington, Theresa Schneider, Jenn Siemer, Haley Stultz, and Aaron Vennemeyer.

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