Students donate to McNick at Night

McNicholas art students, with the help of art teacher Mr. Willy Corbett, have contributed their artistic talents to McNick at Night in the form of painted furniture.  The furniture will be auctioned off on Friday, March 30 during the school’s annual fundraiser.

The evening includes a dinner, silent and live auctions, and a grand reverse raffle of $10,000.

The McNopoly and Rocket Land hand painted table, donated by Carol and Chris Stegman, was transformed by Corbett and his Drawing and Painting class into a colorful game board including McNicholas properties like “Kirch’s Kingdom” and “Beckert’s Boardwalk.”

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As  players move through the game, they are walking the halls of McNick, passing various subjects and classes that students take throughout their high school careers. The game ends at senior experiences such as Kairos and graduation.

The Monet Hand Painted Desk, donated by Rick and Chris Haynes, was painted by junior Art Portfolio student Francine Wright . “I really enjoyed making this piece for someone else—doing  something I love, while helping my school,” Wright said.

The talents of Corbett, and AP Art students Molly Cardosi, Seth Gerke, Erica Luedtke, and Dillon Stanfield came together to create the “Starry Nightstand.” Based on the Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, the nightstand combines images of McNick at Night’s theme “Under the Stars” with the iconic McNicholas convent .

“Our talented art students have generously created these beautiful painted pieces for the McNick at Night auction.  I am thrilled to include their art in the auction as the sale of these pieces will contribute to raising funds for McNicholas High School.  Thank you to these students for their participation and for donating their time and talent to support McNick,” Director of Development Carolyn Adam said.

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