McNick introduces plans for new Student Union


In mid-March, the administration announced plans for a new  Student Union to replace the current cafeteria.

The plans were presented to the community on March 14 at the 17th Annual McNick at Night, McNick’s largest fundraiser of the year, as the “last call for cash,” and currently, $35K has been raised toward the project.

“Other requests have been made from several large donors and it is expected that additional funds will be raised over the coming months,” Executive Director Dave Jackson said.

“I can feel the real excitement in the air from parents and students both,” Principal Patty Beckert said.

According to Beckert, the project is going to entail little construction and will primarily be a make-over of an old space. She added that ideally the new space will enhance the lunch time flow of students entering and exiting. The area in the back of the current cafeteria where tickets are sold and bake sales are held will be trashcans and vending machines as well the intended exit for students leaving the cafeteria. The elimination of doors in the entry and exit are intended to make a smoother transition. In addition to improving the lunchtime stream of students, the new union will provide a brighter and fresher feel to one of McNick’s most frequently used areas.

“The new Student Union is a perfect example displaying how McNicholas is not standing still. We are moving forward in many ways,” Jackson said.

While many may think that this will just be a nicer place for students to eat lunch and socialize, Jackson assures this is not the case. He said that one of the primary additions to the union will be a new stage platform with a large pull down screen, making for the perfect meeting place for the McNick community.

“Annually, the cafeteria is used for over 100 events and meetings. This new meeting space will give us a great opportunity to showcase our fresh, new environment to the entire community,” Jackson said.

In addition to McNick at Night, McNick is asking alumni as well as seeking out other donors in the community to fund this upcoming project. Everyone in the community is encouraged to donate in hopes to make the new Student Union something for everyone to be proud to have taken part in. There are donation jars and main office for any students wishing to donate to the fund.

“No amount is too small,” Beckert said.

Construction is due to begin on June 1 and should be completed by the first day of the 2015-2016 school year.

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