Theatre students take on Thespian Conference

The McNicholas Thespians participated in the annual State Thespian Conference March 27-29 in Columbus, Ohio at Bexley High School.

The performers walked away with several awards such as the Group Individual Event (IE), and the Dance of the Damn Yankees duet which consisted of Maria Tucker and Chris Wells, which was an IE performance as well.

“I knew next to nothing what was going to happen at the conference, but the biggest thing for me was learning how to go up and talk to people,”  freshman Jillian Sennett said.

The theatre received first place for their fall play “Nothing is the end of the World.”

In addition to performing the full show and participating in IEs, the Rocket Thespian had the chance to meet with many college reps who were in attendance.

“One of the most exciting things about the conference is that the younger students get to see how much talent students their age have, and the older students get to audition for colleges,” Theatre Director Teresa De Zarn said.

“One of the things that I always take away from the conference is how many talented people that there are,” senior Allie O’Keefe said.

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