Rockets after 2:40: Zach Arnold

McNick is full of over 600 students, each with a unique story and background. Beginning this November, The McNicholas Milestone will feature a student in a personality profile story twice a month. The Milestone staff will randomly choose students using the letter generator and then find students on Schoology using the chosen letters. For the first personality profile, the letters aligned with choosing junior Zach Arnold.  He plays baseball competitively, he snowboards, and he used to play soccer and basketball.

Arnold and his family travel all over the world because his mom is a travel agent. This perk allows them the opportunity to travel more without a lot of cost.  He has gone to many other countries, and has even gotten sick in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.  He has swam with dolphins and went to a water park off the coast of Mexico that was on its own little island.

“I went to Alcatraz in the sixth grade, and it was a weird feeling being there knowing all the people that have been there, but the views were amazing,” Arnold said.

When Arnold was nine years old, he went to Jamaica with his family.  They stayed in a resort with an excursion, and he was able to participate in his first zip line tour.

“The zip line tour was really fun, and one of my favorite memories from all of the places that I have been,” Arnold said.

zach arnold 2
Junior Zach Arnold has traveled to many countries around the world, and many different parts of the U.S.

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