McNick shows school spirit for Adrian Ell

On Feb. 2, the McNick students and faculty came together to cheer on Adrian Ell as she received the Athlete of the Month Award from Penn Station. She is now in the running for the Athlete of the Year Award.

The Athlete of the Month Award is presented to senior athletes in the tri-state area. If the athlete is then chosen as the Athlete of the Year, the prize includes a $10,000 scholarship and possible $2,500 check for the school.

The pep rally started with teacher and alumnus John Chadwell announcing the winter sports. Not only did the Dance Team perform their hip-hop routine, but 24 faculty members also took the stage to perform a recreation of “The Evolution of Dance.” Math teacher and Spirit Club moderator Ashley Brothers organized the pep rally and the teachers’ dance. “I think I speak for most the staff when I say it was just as much fun to put on as to watch,” Brothers said. “That’s what makes a pep rally successful, when the spectators are having as much fun as the participants.”

Representatives from Penn Station were present to recognize Ell and hold the spirit contest. The school with the most spirit receives a $2,500 check at the end of the year.

The Percussion Ensemble closed the pep rally with a performance in the dark using UV light. “Everyone pulled together to make this happen, that’s what is so special about this school,” Brothers said “If someone needs support, all you have to do is ask and the staff and students will exceed your expectations”.

Ell started playing volleyball for CYO in third grade. “I have been playing volleyball since I can remember,” Ell said. “I went to my first volleyball game at 4 days old because my mom coached high school volleyball.” Since her freshman year of high school, she has been on McNick’s Varsity Volleyball Team. Ell overcame cancer her junior year and returned to McNick volleyball for her final season. She will continue her volleyball career at Florida State next year. Ell said she was very humbled and honored to be a part of the pep rally. “I want to thank everyone for the support that was shown, it was a day to remember and it stills gives me chills thinking about the whole thing, but especially the war chant.”

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