Q&A: New Rocket mascot spreads McNick spirit

By Nicholas Wynn

McNick’s emblem of spirit, the Rocket mascot, has a new face this year. More accurately, the face on the outside is the same, but the face inside is different.

A new student has assumed the role of the Rocket for the 2017-2018 school year, replacing 2017 grad Jacob Robb, the previous mascot. The Milestone published his Q&A in October 2015, and revealed his identity in a February 2017 article.

Without Robb at McNick any longer, a new student has stepped up and become the mascot. Although the student’s identity remains a secret, Rocket still agreed to a quick Q&A session with the Milestone.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your time as the Rocket?

A: I just really want to spread happiness and good spirit, and I want to inspire some of the younger students or incoming freshman to be the Rocket later.

Q: How do you plan on raising school spirit this year?

A: I don’t have a plan, but I think spirit comes best when its natural and spontaneous. So whatever I feel will raise spirit in the moment, I’ll do.

Q: How have you enjoyed pumping up the McNick student body so far?

A: I’ve really enjoyed people coming up and interacting with me. I’ve gotten chest-bumps that I wasn’t expecting and I’ve lost a hand for a moment, but that spirit is great.

Q: What is your favorite part about being the Rocket?

A: My favorite part so far is seeing everyone light up when I’m around. It’s an awesome feeling. I enjoy just getting to make people happy. I also like seeing all the students at the games. They see me and get really happy, or sometimes really scared, but either way it’s a fun time.

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

A: I like to stand in the mirror and say, “You can do it. I believe in you, and that probably means everyone else does too.” I’ll also say, “Please don’t mess this up and don’t fall down…”

Q: Do you like white, gold, or green better?

A: Gold – it goes with everything.

Q: Do you use diesel or regular rocket fuel?

A: I like that stuff that NASA’s got; I ain’t no cheapskate.

Q: How are rising fuel costs going to affect your ability to perform at games?

A: I’m really worried about it. I think the fuel costs should be lower. Some people, like me, need that stuff to survive.

Q: How hot does the inside of your suit get?

A: It’s about 20 degrees up from the outside temperature, and even hotter in the sun. The suit is very warm. It doesn’t smell bad though.

Q: Do you think you could beat the cheerleaders in a cheer-off?

A: Oh no, man. They have so much performance quality. They’re great, and they work harder than almost anybody at McNick. They deserve a lot of respect.

Q: What makes you better than all the other rockets and satellites up in space?

A: I like to consider myself very grounded.

Q: What do you want everyone to know about yourself?

A: I hope you’ll find me different than any other Rocket that’s come to pass at McNick. Why? You’ll just have to come and participate to see!

Rocket greets the Class of 2021 on their first day of freshman orientation, accompanied by the senior peer mentors. In addition to admissions events, Rocket aims for appearances at pep rallies and home games, especially for varsity sports.

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