Fortnite takes over Rocket High

Fortnite is a game that allows players to play against each other in a Battle Royale, the main objective being to survive on an island against 100 other people using only a gun and different buildings that players construct to aid them. As time goes on in each round of the game, the island shrinks and the last one standing is victorious, earning the #1 place.

One of the main reasons why people play is because of the satisfaction of winning and the adrenaline rush that comes along with it. “The first time I played it I got a pretty big adrenaline rush,” player and science teacher John Chadwell said.

“The whole dynamic of there being a hundred people playing and when you win, it’s satisfying,” senior player Brett Liming said.

Some people may wonder if they can still play even though they’re not that good at video games. Some people believe that it shouldn’t matter what your skill level is since you’ll gain that experience. “The learning curve is very high at first. So it’s easy to learn, hard to master,” senior Fortnite player Dominic Benintendi said.

“I’m still bad at the game [but] I still enjoy it. So, I don’t understand why [other people] wouldn’t enjoy it,” Liming said. “The way you get better is by practice. First you die a lot but then you get better,” Chadwell added. Freshman Madeline Daley said that some of the fun is working towards a #1 win no matter how far from it you are. “Although I haven’t won that Victory Royal, I know I’m [going to] win one day,” she said.

Like with anything, there are some downsides to this game. One of them being hackers according to Daley. “I personally think there are hackers and they make it not as fun. If there are hackers in the game, it makes it unfair,” Daley said.

Another downside is that, like any other game, it could cause anger when the person playing is losing. “It can induce rage when you spend all this time getting to the final ten and you die,” Liming said.

Even with the pros and cons of the game, many believe that its popularity will start to become static. “[Fortnite] has a very short lifetime ahead of it due to its burst of popularity,” Benintendi said.

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