The great pineapple debate: the perfect topping for the pizza world

I am a big fan of pineapple bacon pizza. I enjoy nearly all types of pizza, but pineapple bacon pizza is my favorite.

“To those who say pineapple isn’t an acceptable pizza topping because it doesn’t taste good, they probably haven’t had it done right. Raw chunks of pineapple thrown around a pizza? No way. Roasted and pulled pineapple with a honey glaze paired with a fatty pork is delicious,” Scott Weiner, owner of Scott’s Pizza tours, a local New York City pizzeria, said.

A recent all-school survey found that 40% of faculty and students think pineapple belongs on pizza, while 42% believe it doesn’t, and 18% think sometimes pineapple belongs on pizza.

Junior Isabelle Bowling said, “The sweet of the pineapple in contrast to the ham and cheese and sauce on the pizza is delicious and the flavors complement each other so well. Also one can justify eating pizza if it has fruit on it because then its ‘healthy.’”  Counselor Kaitlin Richter said that it plain and simply “tastes good!”

Neither pineapple pizza nor pizza itself is an American invention. Pineapple pizza originated with Sam Panopoulos, a Grecian immigrant of Canada, and pizza came from Italy. When the president of Iceland jokingly threatened to ban the topping, Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, tweeted in response, “I have a pineapple. I have a pizza. And I stand behind this delicious Southwestern Ontario creation.”

The editor of The Daily Meal, an online newspaper focused on food, shared her opinion, “If you find the sweet tang of pineapple a direct contrast to the gooey cheese and herbaceous tomato sauce on a pizza, that’s fine. But maybe you should shut up about it. Some folks find mushrooms horrifically rubbery and offensive, others won’t even pick the sausage off their slice of pizza because it’s so overpowering, and plenty of people think that adding fresh tomatoes to your pizza makes them an acid-bomb. But you don’t see them frequently debating the merit of those toppings on the Internet. They simply don’t order them. There’s a reason that pizza shops offer more than one topping on their menu! It’s because people have different tastes. I know. It’s shocking.”

Do you disagree? Check out Vinny Ramundo’s, my fellow Editor in Chief’s, article on how pineapple hijacked the pizza world.

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