Students share their lunch room favorites 

Lunch is one of the favorite times of the day for McNicholas students. Lunch is a time to get a break from class, catch up with friends and eat. 

Students have favorites in the lunchroom. Chicken tenders, mac and cheese and the cheeseburgers were among the top contenders. 

The café offers bottled water and refrigerated snacks.

Senior Trenton Casey said mac and cheese was his favorite although this was not a popular item chosen by the students. 

The biggest debate was between the chicken tenders. Students have mixed feelings about this meal. 

Luke Carville, senior, said his favorite was the chicken tenders “They are just so good.” Carville continued, “Even if they are not good that day, I just drown them in ranch. “They should serve them more often.” 

Junior Michael Barreto also believes chicken tenders are the best when they are good. “Thats the best item when it is made well.” Continued Barreto.  

Senior Logan Kohl says the chicken tenders “Aren’t as good as they once were.” 

Students made some suggestions on what they believe should be added to the lunch menu. 

Casey said that they should add the Philly cheesesteak.  Kohl wants the “spicy chicken sandwich from last year.” “The sandwich last year was absolutely gas.” Carville wants “Lettuce wraps” for the menu. Barreto “They need to serve sushi.” 

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