The stories of the haunted Heritage House

The Heritage House over the years has had many people live in it. The Heritage House is where nuns or other people of religious order can live. People who have lived there have stories of strange things that have happened. Sister Judi, who is still on campus has some crazy stories about things that have happened in that house.

In the 1970’s, Sister Judi was a teacher at McNicholas High School and lived in the Heritage House. She lived there with some of the other sisters who taught at McNicholas at the time.

The Convent is the oldest building at McNicholas.

Sr. Judi stated, “we had locks on the doors of the building. To get in you needed a key and one of the sisters woke up in the middle of the night and heard the sound of the locks.” There was no one at the door, but by the sounds of the locks, it sounded like someone was trying to get into the building.

Another time, Sr. Judi stated, ” It was late at night, and I was trying to go to bed, but I couldn’t fall asleep, and my closet door was open. I just left it open and thought nothing of it.” Later that night, she woke up and saw something in her closet. She turned around so her back would face the closet. Later, she felt hands on her back and turned around and saw someone.

Sr. Judi stated, “After that I slept like baby and didn’t wake up until the next morning.” Again, nobody knew who it was, and the “person” was never seen again.

Sr. Judi moved out of the Heritage House in the 1980’s and stopped teaching at McNicholas. Later, in the 2000’s she moved back in to help do some renovations on the house and more things happened when she moved back in.

One day, Sr. Judi was talking to the people who helped clean the house and said that there was a black powder all over the and the cross that was there was gone. Sr. Judi stated, ” They thought someone lit a candle. But we aren’t allowed to light candles and I called the sisters who previously lived in the house and none of them lit candles.” They called the fire department to make sure it had nothing to do with the heating or the electricity. The fire department said that if it had to with the heating or electricity then the whole wall would’ve been black.

A few hours later, they found the cross hanging in Sr, Judi’s old room. Sr, Judi stated, ” I just happened to have to grab something from that room and there it was. No one had moved it; it had just magically appeared.” They cleaned the black off the wall and put the cross back. This never happened again.

A few years later Sr. Judi woke up one morning got ready for the day. She has a small Saint Joseph statue at the back of her dresser. She leaves the house and comes back a few hours later. Sr. Judi stated, ” When I came back in the house, the statue was moved up to the front of my dresser. I called the people who cleaned the house and they didn’t come that day when I was gone.”

Sr. Judi stated,” At that time, I was celebrating fifty years in the order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the statue of Saint Joseph was moved.” Sr. Judi put the statue back where it was, and it never moved again.

There are many strange stories of similar things that have happened in the Convent and the Heritage House throughout the years. Sr. Judi stated, ” I truly believe the Heritage House is haunted after all of these encounters that I have had over the years I have lived there.”

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